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If I could change my career then it would be the science of weather.  I don’t know why I am so interested, yet I did have an interest in weather when I was asked to do a 5 minute presentation in my English class when I was 14.  30 some years later and I am at best an amateur.  Oh I wish I was an expert with a PHD in weather, but instead I chose computer science.

There are two types of weather persons (in my opinion).  Those who chase weather and those who study.  I am interested in the study of weather.  Don’t get me wrong; there is enormous value in the profession of chasing and studying live weather.  For me, I like to study and predict.

Which brings me to this blog.  I want to share with you the tools I use and what I know.  Yeah, yeah this should only be a post or two (wink) but I’ll do my best.

So, hopefully you’ll get a little more insight into the wonders of weather.  The very least you’ll get some great tools.