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IPCC: “unequivocal” evidence of global warming

Today the IPCC releases their report on Global Warming (  They are attempting to state that the current trend of normal or cooler temperatures are just an artifact of global warming dynamics. 

They go further to dismiss the 15 years (since 1998) of stabilized or in some cases cooling temperatures, stating that this doesn’t compare to historical computer data.

Lets quickly look at that last statement.  The computer data they are referring to only amounts to the prior 25 years- lets repeat that – twenty five years.  So how is 15 years of data no more relevant than 25 years of data?!?

On September 9th, 2013 the headline was “And now it’s global COOLING!  Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year


The IPCC goes on to say that the scientists are now more than ever convinced that us Humans are the cause of global warming.  In fact 95% are convinced.

Whoa there!  “more than ever convinced” – what about the last 15 years of normal and/or cooling trends?

Ahhh, lets take a look at that 95% number.  There is a well written book “How to Lie with Statistics” written in the 60’s ( I think ).  This book is a part of the recommended reading material for accountants and alike in collage.  Anyway; what does 95% mean?  Does that mean that of the scientists that are associated with the IPCC; 95% of them agree with the report.  What if this amounts too only 100 scientists are associated with the IPCC.  How many scientists are NOT associated with the IPCC?  Of the total number of scientists in the world; would 95% actually be 10%?  Where are the actual numbers to back up this claim?

Ok, ok – enough of the numbers.  Other pundits have said that us back-seat couch scientists don’t know what we’re talking about because the professionals have spoken and they are well read; therefore they MUST be right – right?

Lets contrast that.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted for each of the last 3 years that we would have higher than normal number of Atlantic hurricanes.  Each of the three years they have been very wrong in their overestimated opinions.

Hurricane season has been a dud despite dire forecasts

Nasa scientists who watch our Sun’s activities have stated that we’re entering the 13 year Maximus (high sunspot activity) – yet the Sun has been rather quiet.  Is this a man made event?

Here are two cases where the so called experts were WRONG.  So, why is it that the IPCC is absolutely right?  Why would we believe a politically motivated organization to get it right even when there is contrary evidence suggesting otherwise?

As a citizen of the Earth I say – do your part and sustain!!!   But I am not convinced that the “experts” are right on this topic.

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