No Friends in Europe

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GM foods in Europe still struggle to gain a footing – so much so  that BASF is pulling its roots and relocating to a more friendly environment – America!!!

A year ago, BASF said it was moving its biotech headquarters to North Carolina and halting the commercialisation of GM products for the European market.

Bravo for Europe.  Neither popular for both the consumer or political foe

According to BASF’s Jennifer Moore-Braun, it wasn’t just the lack of enthusiasm among European consumers and farmers – it was the lack of political support, with no sign of that changing

Europe at least has slowed down the process of allowing GM foods until SOUND scientific evidence is presented.

Apart from the BASF potato, there is only one other GM crop approved for commercial growing in the EU – a strain of maize developed by Monsanto called MON810.

That is because the EU’s strenuous approval process has given new meaning to the phrase “slow food” – it took 13 years to get the go-ahead for Amflora.

If approved, these crops can be deployed, yet even with EU’s blessing several countries are bucking EU’s single market and blocking these products

The current rules mean that any crop that’s approved at EU level can be grown anywhere in the Union unless countries have specific scientific reasons for blocking it.

At present, eight countries – Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland – have used this provision to stop the technology.

Mr Borg now hopes to drive forward rules that would shorten the approval process by giving individual countries the right to approve or ban GM varieties.

But the three most important words in the EU could stall the Borg initiative. France, Germany and Britain.

These countries see the plan as a breach of the single market and that for them is more important than GM.

Still, US and the WTO are trying to strong arm the EU into approving GM products without proper testing or scientific research.

Pete Riley from campaign group GM Freeze says the Commission is under pressure from the US and the World Trade Organisation to lift the ban on the technology.

The US has little hope in utilizing common sense as the Food and Drug Administration is headed by a former Monsanto employee.  The only hope the world has about understanding the truth and health risks of GM foods is for non US counties to continue to resist.

Open your eyes people and start reading.

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